Everything for Disney

I’m Hibiki (16 y.o.).
I’m a Japanese high school student who love DISNEY so much!
I’ve lived with disney animations since when I was 0 years old.
My dream is working at the Walt Disney Company in my future.
You may think I’m joking... but I’m serious!
I’ll never give up my dream.
I always believe Walt Disney’s words, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” :)

MandoPony - Hans + Hans (Love is an Open Door)


Hans sings “Love is an Open Door” to Hans.

performed by MandoPony

I’m laughing so hard

Everyone thinks that I’m a friend who is not close for them.

They has each best friends. But I don’t. At least, in my school.

I’m not popular because I’m not smart, cute, and I’m not good at all of sports.

Students who are very good at something, are popular even if they’re not smart and cute or cool. I think it is so!

As usual, I made bad mistakes at the volley ball games.

I can’t remember how many times I said “I’m so sorry!!!”.

AS USUAL, I couldn’t catch the ball. I even couldn’t see it.

My team mates try to support me but I was too awful.

When I said “I’m sorry.”, they said “NO! No problem. Don’t worry.”

But I couldn’t help thinking they thought they wanted to game without me in their minds.

Furthermore, I cried after the games!!!

How annoying I was!!!!!!!

1:I’m not good at sports

2:I’m not smart and cute

3:So annoying

4:Too nervous about cleanliness

That is why I’m not their close friend.

Yes, yes I’m not cute.

But who can change my face!? Who can make my eyes larger!!?(And who can make my face smaller..)

Nobody can change my looks. This is me!

Can I have a boyfriend someday…?

NO. No, I can’t. I’ve knew it since I was born.

I gave up about it long time ago.

But it’s okay! I don’t care.

Because I can sing. I love singing. With my voice, I can change grief into happiness. At least I hope so!

*281 words :)

Dear foreigners

If u read my articles and find any grammatical mistake, please tell me what is wrong!
It will make me little wise!


Our music teacher is nasty…so nasty!!

In the first music class, she asked us what kind of song we wanted to sing.

I thought, how kind she was!!! I also thought  I would be able to sing my favorite songs in the music classes!! It was so exciting!!!!

So I answered “I wanna sing Don’t Stop Believin’, Teenage Dream, and so on… I wanna sing foreign musics such as the musics which are sung on GLEE!!” (Actually I don’t like any Japanese songs…)

I expected her to accept my suggestion…

BUT, WHAT!!!!???

We sang only Japanese songs during about 9 months!!!!! I’ve got angry with her!!!

Furthermore, recently, she said “We gonna sing this song… it’s a foreign music! “Caro mio ben”!! Open your text books at P.20~…”

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Exactly it was a foreign musics but nooooooo!!!!

Something was pretty wrong!!! It wasn’t what i wanted!!!

We must sing the song one by one… Caro mio… I can’t remember its name…

I still wait for her to say that “Today, we’re going to sing “Defying Gravity”!”

*182 words :)

Pixar in Concert!!!!!

Although my birthday is May 23, my parents gave me an early birthday present!!!!!They gave me the ticket of Pixar in Concert!!!
The concert will be held in Japan first time and I gonna go to the concert!!!
I can’t believe it!!!!!!
I thank my parents very much :’)
They’ve given me a lot of things up until now and from now on…
I must return them the favor someday!!
So I must study hard hard hard now.
Don’t waste our precious time!

*82 words

next time i gonna post about planes and PiC!
I’m busy these days…can anyone help me??!
okay it’s time to go to bed.
good night guys X)


Inspired by this.

Anna took the habit of staying at Elsa’s door all evenings, talking to her or even trying to read her stories like Elsa used to do to her. The first night, she woke up on her bed and never understood why, so she kept doing it but was always woken up by a staff member in the middle of the hallway. So she stopped doing it. Until the day their parents died..image







These pics make me cry….I haven’t watched Frozen yet(because i live in Japan) but I know the plot of this movie.
I’m looking forward to Frozen!!!


Today I’m in Tottori prefecture!!!!!
It’s snowing outside and I’m taking a train with my family right nooooow :)
Look at these pictures…
It’s like world of Frozen!!!
(I love Elsa and Anna so much)
There are many mountains covered with snow…very beautiful xD
We’re going to take a bath outside (Japanese call it Roten buro).
Although I was looking forward to eat a hot pot with crab meat, one of my family is vegetarian so we will not able to eat them… Hearing about that,I was shocked very much…
Anyway, I’m sure that we’re going to enjoy this trip ;)
See u soon!

Oh MY Gooooooood Santa Claus gave me an acoustic guitar?!!!?!!?! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Baby Taylor, you did become a friend of me!!!! Really ecxited right now…!!! X”)) Thank you sir!!! Thank you so much!!!